Sunday, August 19, 2007

Moving day

(Sorry about the lack of postage Thursday, but I didn't have cable access until the nice gentleman hooked it up this morning.)

The move went as well as could be expected Monday; I just need to pick up a few items to make it more livable. Nothing like cooking an entire chicken sausage in the oven and then realizing you don’t have any oven mitts. I won’t lie – there’s been blistering.

Thanks to Mitch for helping me. What a true, special friend he is. And handsome, too.

Here are some key lines from the move:

“I’m going to park in the street. If they honk at me, somebody’s getting cut.” - Matt

“(while lifting a desk up stairs) Watch out, it will go in your face… that’s what she said. (That’s not even funny but we laughed for 1.5 minutes. Oh, thank you comic relief.) - Matt

“Your neighbors are (freaking) weird.” – Mitch

“I’m going to have to boil this couch.” - Matt

“Just leave the van door open. If somebody steals it we won’t have to carry it in.” – Matt

“Goodbye security deposit. (There was some damage to the hallway leading up to my place. But I’m hoping that will be deemed a neutral area and I can blame it on my neighbor.)” – Mitch

“(while trying to maneuver my couch up a narrow stair case) This could not be going worse.” – Matt

Mitch: You’re living in the Aurora?
Matt: No, it’s called the Apollo.
Mitch: It says “Aurora” right above the building.
Matt: No, it’s the Apollo.
Mitch: Are you sure?
Matt: I know where I live, dude.
Mitch: OK
Matt: Why does it say “Aurora” over the door, though?
Mitch: That’s what I’m saying.
Matt: They told me it was the Apollo… lies.

Actually, I’m sure Mitch had more quality comments but I just wasn’t paying that close of attention, since this was mostly about me.

And then Tuesday night I became aware of the world of Costco. First of all, I think if you just bought gas there it would more than make up for the cost of membership. It’s quite a deal. Only problem is I have a very small kitchen and no storage space. Fortunately I’m a fast eater. Still, you have to love a place that allows you to buy meat, beer, a couch and a trampoline all in one visit. It’s beautiful.

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