Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Dario & the Mummies

It's great to be back in Indy during Memorial Day Weekend for the first time in several years. Even though the Indy 500 was a little anticlimactic due to the rain delays, it was enjoyable to watch nonetheless. Thanks to Average Joe's in Broad Ripple for showing the race live and getting the satellite feed. Also a sarcastic thanks to the "sports bar" bartender who I called and asked if her establishment would be showing the race, to which she responded, "Um, yeah!" Turns out, they weren't, as she had no idea it would require a special satellite feed.

Here's the thing on this one: You're a "sports bar" in Indianapolis. INDIANAPOLIS! See, we have this race, you might have heard of it. Biggest sporting event in the world. Some would say it's a big deal. And some would also assume a "sports bar" in Indianapolis would have a plan for the showing/non-showing of said race. Like, you might just know whether or not you're going to be showing it.

And although the rain sort of dampened the climax, I think the world was shocked to learn that winner Dario Franchitti (yes, Mr. Ashley Judd) is actually Scottish. Scottish? Dario Franchitti. Interesting.

After the race, Timmy and I attended a few parties and eventually the Here Come the Mummies concert at the Vogue. While these cats may seem like a novelty act due to their eccentric garb, they're damn good musicians. I'd label them as sort of a dance/funk band who play original stuff. I think "Dirty Minds" might be my favorite, but they have quite an impressive catalog. If you live in the Midwest and haven't seen them, I'd strongly recommend you give them a listen, as they have quite a cult following in Indy. Only issue: We brilliantly positioned ourselves near one of the speakers just off-stage, so neither Tim nor myself can hear out of our left ears today. Didn't think that one through.

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